“The City of York YOT has worked with Upfaders for several years. The project has offered an alternative approach to both school age and 16+ young people, to learn skills and develop technical and social experience. We have seen some of our hardest to reach young people display real talent, and we have seen the impact of the project in raising aspirations, accessing further education and also helping to improve emotional and mental health.”

“The projects approach increases opportunities for participation in a flexible way, and the clinic element is a great way to help when young people have complex and chaotic lifestyles.” – York Youth Justice Team


“Upfaders has been a long standing hub partner and has been increasing delivery of consistently high quality provision” – York Music Hub


“Organisations like Upfaders are so essential to what we do, they provide an opportunity to engage in areas that a young person may not have ever been able to access and through this engagement, pursue a valid educational path leading to Level 2 or 3 Btec diplomas with ourselves and even a degree. We have a symbiotic relationship with Upfaders and have successfully progressed several students through our courses who started with Upfaders, we also refer potential students to them if we feel those individuals are in need of extra guidance and support before starting courses with ourselves. There are many students who have qualifications and jobs as a result of those qualifications, who would never have had the commitment and wherewithal to complete our courses without the start that Upfaders have provided for them, they are an essential stepping stone to Further education” – Access to Music York


“Upfaders has always been enthusiastic in its approach to us and fully accessible making the sessions meaningful and something that the young people want to return to, from having fun scratching and mixing within a youth club setting to doing a performance at a celebration evening. They always provide high quality sessions around a variety of themes that are engaging, interesting and fun.” – Choose2 York


“Upfaders has provided a number of sessions for young people I have been involved with and always deliver bespoke, informative sessions which are well received by young people. The work they do is always engaging, regardless of the demographic make up of the group. Upfaders has been an excellent resource for getting hard to reach young people engaged in something positive. Sessions have always led to interest from a good number of young people. For our service access to this work is an invaluable tool which has opened the door to boosted self-esteem, aspirations and motivation which has greatly enhanced positive outcomes with our young people.”

“The inclusive nature of Upfaders and the range of sessions they offer is always something I would consider for any young person, whatever their situation or background. Without such a great resource many young people would have missed out on the opportunity to explore music, creativity and boosted self esteem and many more would miss out in the future.” – CYC Personal Support and Inclusion Team


“Music is important to many of our young people and we have used Upfaders in the past to come and do taster sessions for our residents. This has included djing skills and music production. The young people have always thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and Dan has always been able to engage a group that often struggle to stay engaged in sessions. Some of the young people that have attended have been inspired to volunteer in the project in the evening and some have enrolled on the course, where previously they haven’t been motivated to gain any qualifications.” – Howe Hill Homeless Hostel, York


“As a project we have found UPFADERS to be professional, courteous and sympathetic to the needs of the Snappy Children and Young people. Their workshops are thought out and researched and take in to account the various spectrums of need within the group.” – SNAPPY


“The creative offer that Upfaders provides has helped us to engage a number of care leavers in activities such as music and video production. This creative outlet is often the spark that makes a young person make a positive change in their life and move towards having improved self confidence and self-esteem.” – Springboard Project


“As a project we have referred young people to Upfaders and have seen first-hand the positive impact on the young people. Dan and his team have a professional and friendly approach and are expert in engaging and motivating young people and helping them to harness their potential. Some of the young people we have referred have tried other community groups and not thrived because of the lack of support and understanding of their particular special needs. Dan and his team have worked with clients with complex health and communication issues and run a fully inclusive and welcoming service.” – The Childrens Society


“Having referred numerous young people to the project, UPfaders has provided excellent support, encouraging them to try new things and develop their skills, not only musically, but socially also. Often the people who are referred to our service are currently not in employment education or training, and many find accessing mainstream activities very difficult. The relaxed environment has eased the transition process and UPfaders acts as an excellent move on opportunity for the young people who I support.” – MIND


“My son had low self esteem, lacked confidence and was not good at talking about problems/difficulties which in turn affected his performance in school and at home. I was asked for consent for him to attend the Upfaders Program who would support him in making changes to his confidence, self esteem etc. and giving him a possible new focus.”

“This has made a massive difference to him, he now has an identified teacher in school that he will go and talk to before the issue/difficulties get too much. This means he now enjoys school. At home he is beginning to talk more openly about his feelings and able to be more confident/assertive with family matters rather than taking himself away and not contributing or he will seek out Heidi, youth worker. He now attends a youth club twice a week and his focus for his future post 16 is very clear and he is now making choices for when that time comes and what exams/course work he needs to do.”

“Without this program my son would still be a young person that appeared sad most of the time. Upfaders for me as a parent has given me the opportunity to allow my son to step out in a safe environment and given me the confidence to allow him to be in the community mixing with peers etc.” – A participants parent