Outreach Taster Sessions


These sessions are the perfect way to introduce a group of people to the activities we offer. Our staff bring the kit to your venue and deliver a short, informal, fun, dynamic session designed to engage and inspire – by bringing the activity to a setting that is already familiar, taster sessions remove the first barrier to engagement; making the decision to attend a new activity at a new space and time. After the session you can evaluate individuals interest and consider how to develop their interest through our other project strands.

It’s often surprising how these sessions can ignite interest in people you wouldn’t expect that from. Taster sessions usually last 1-2 hours and we can accommodate groups of between 2 and 12 people. In exceptional circumstances we can even offer an outreach session for an individual as these sessions can be highly effective in engaging people who are very hard to reach and pave the way for more sustained engagement. Taster sessions are free but we ask that the session organiser provides us with basic evaluation for our reporting.