Intensive Projects



For those people that have a strong interest and want to take things further, we offer intensive, accreditted 12-week projects. There are 3 projects per year and they are designed to stretch and challenge people to give them the greatest possible musical and personal/social gains with each participant in a small group of up to 6 working towards their own set of agreed targets.

Intensive projects typically involve some kind of musical performance/s, are Arts Awards accreditted and each participant is closely supported to throughout – including between sessions and after completing the project with a progression plan that sets out next steps.

These projects are our heaviest intervention and offer the greatest gains, of course they are also our most expensive activity – which we offer free to those who will benefit most – typically those who are most disadvantaged or vulnerable but have a musical passion.

Rather than a first-come-first-served model for places, we instead look at need/suitability, and then look to create a small group of compatible people for each project – this may mean a short wait as the next project group may not suit an individual.

Except for cases where a suitabiltiy is strongly evident, we would advise exposing people to one of our ‘lighter’ activities to guage their interest before referring to an intensive project – an inappropriate referral can lead to a negative outcome if the participants withdraws from the project – this usually ony happens when interest levels are too low and the participant is too challenged, so it is often worth testing the water with some surgery sessions to be confident that there is a strong interest. By ensuring that people are engaged in an intensive project at the right point, we have excellent retention/completion rates and avoid misdirecting this resource.

The musical and personal/social gains made by individuals on intensive projects are truly dramatic.